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Where are my kids? GPS Tracking For Children

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Technology has come so far that now we can even use it to track our children. Some may worry children lose their privacy and think it’s normal to be tracked, but for most guardians tracking children with GPS is purely out of a safety standpoint. There are many different ways to track children these days with GPS.

The Hows and Whys

Many older children throw their location on social media so parents don’t even need an actual tracker, but GPS trackers will allow guardians to know exactly where they are even if they aren’t posting and younger children don’t usually use social media. If you lose your child in a crowded area, that little GPS tracker can be a life saver, and if you worry about their whereabouts on a random weekend, the tracker always comes in handy. It’s all about peace of mind and taking action just in case you realize something could be off with their location. Safety is number one when it comes to tracking your children so having a tracking device for kids is keeping you one step ahead of the game.


AngelSense is a wearable GPS sensor that easily attaches to clothing. It even allows you to speak with your children or hear what is going on wherever they are. It’s an app and tracker than even works with children that have special needs. You can see your children’s routes, their location and know if they are leaving an area at a later time than planned. There is a live ten second update so you always know where your child is throughout the day.

hereO 2 GPS

The hereO 2 GPS is marketed as the “smartest, coolest” watch for GPS. It’s designed for children as young as three years old. It works off of a smartphone app that matches with the watch like an Apple watch does. It’s tough for even the roughest kids and fits on the smallest wrists out there. It doesn’t have two-way calling, but it allows you to see where your child is at all times. There is even an alarm if the watch falls off or is removed.


Stick this little gadget in your kiddo’s backpack, pocket or lunchbox and you’re good to go. The PocketFinder lets you follow your children’s locations as they move through the day. It has a little battery that charges and you get alerts on your smartphone. It even has speed restriction alarms for those that can drive! You can tell the PocketFinder certain locations and it will tell you fi the child leaves that location.

Amber Alert GPS

The Amber Alert GPS tracker has the two-way calling feature as well as the text/e-mail updates. It lets guardians set up secure zones which then alert you if the child is no longer in one of those zones. Up to ten different people can chime in to this GPS locator to know where your child is. Speed barriers can be set up so parents know if a babysitter or child is going over their designated speed limits.

My Buddy Tag

The My Buddy Tag is an app that follows your children. It easily goes on a wrist or a shoelace, it can also be put in a backpack or lunchbox. This app is great for toddlers setting distance limits and alarming you if they roam out of that distance. One difference with the My Buddy Tag is that if it is submerged in water for ten seconds, an alarm sounds, which could help prevent an accidental drowning.

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