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Video Game: Social Impact

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A video game is an innovation that allows the consumers to gain access to the appropriate and archived media content with their interest. The video game community has an impact on the behavior of the consumers.

Those people who play together have a shared language and rituals. It has defined video gaming as a concept of self-perception within the mainstream culture of video games. More so, people who are found with role-playing game (RPG) has the idea of escape. It makes them have the capability to assume that their game character is someone in real life.

The ownership of video game entities have ruled out issues regarding the regulation, service, and ownership as these games became more interactive. Not to mention, the violent contents of the video games have invited feedback and critics that has caused a moral panic.

It is in no doubt that video games have numerous of social impact, it is the humans that creates and manipulates the flow of the technology. To its extent, it has issues regarding gender sensitivity. The issues of journalistic ethics caught most of the attention.

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