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How to become a better gamer?

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In today’s generation, most of the people are into video games. some of us can be very competitive that we get very upset every time we lose. every one of us who is into gaming has a dream to become pro but what does it take to become a better gamer?

These are some tips for you to become one.

First of all, you need need to choose what game you want to master. Choose something that you will not get bored easily. it has to be competitive and not easy to attain a high level of skill, because of us stop when we attain the highest level or we feel that the game is easy.

second is, you need to think as it is real life it does not mean that it is just a video game that you don’t need to struggle practicing just to be good at it. in every aspect of life practice and training is always the best way in order to achieve success.

The third one is, make sure to study the game first before competing. know the controls, know every key that you need to press and its function, know every trick there is and master it.

The fourth one would be, focus first on beating some AI’s or computer bots, go easy first until you can easily beat the hard difficulty level. in these way, you can practice more and learn the fundamentals and be more ready to compete against another player.

The fifth one is, not get ahead of your self. just like what said in the last tip. Start first from the bottom up until you reach the hardest one and ones your reach the top make sure to test the bottom one again to make sure that you really got it.

The sixth one is, learn from the pros. You can watch video tutorials about the game, also it is more effective to watch them how they play the game, copy their moves or you can innovate from, in such way you can learn faster from learning from others instead of learning on your own.

Once you started playing with others, avoid being toxic or saying bad words to them, be more friendly and if they are good they might teach you some tricks. Just be silent of you are really upset of what’s going on in the game or just say the words politely.

Play other games that can help you develop basic skills in your main game. for example, if you are playing Battlefield 2, find related games that can develop your aim, reflexes, game sense, and techniques.

Rest is always part of the training. Even though you are too obsessed with becoming better, there comes a time that your body won’t respond from you because of the fatigue from playing games. Being tired makes you worse on playing, bad decisions will be made and your reflexes become slower.

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